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Vondst: a brief history


Vondst started on 1 December 2007 with six lawyers that previously worked with the dissolved IP boutique Steinhauser Hoogenraad, Advocaten, as well as the intellectual property and IT practice groups of Baker & McKenzie and Lovells (now: HoganLovells).


As per January 1, 2009, Polo van der Putt joined Vondst as a partner. Before joining Vondst as a partner, Polo worked in the IT-practice of Lovells for 12 years. In the period 2009-2014, Silvie Wertwijn was also a partner at Vondst.


As per September 1, 2014, also Ricardo Dijkstra joined Vondst as a partner. Before, Ricardo worked for 13 years in the patent litigation practice of the Amsterdam based lawfirm Van Doorne. 


The ambition of Vondst is clear and simple: to offer an effective, small-scale organisation providing high quality IP and IT legal services to clients active in high-end markets.