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24.07.09 First experiences in the NL, UK, GER and FR with the new European enforcement rules 16.06.09 Commentary by Hidde Koenraad on Court of Justice 18 November 2008: Schr├Ąder vs. CPVO 03.06.09 4 years Dutch Outsourcing Association 01.06.09 Keyword Advertising 07.04.09 Postgraduate course on Plant Variety Rights 05.04.09 The EDP auditor as expert in litigation 02.04.09 Postgraduate course on database rights 25.03.09 Legal commentary judgment on 30.01.09 Service stopt niet subiet bij einde contract 08.01.09 Juridische trends 2009 27.11.08 Damages as a result of patent infringement 20.11.08 Protection of know how, inventions and clients in employer - employee relations 23.10.08 Assessment of Inventive Step: the Netherlands vs the UK 27.04.08 The relation between European law, national law and the TRIPS trreaty 18.04.08 Enforcement of PVRs 20.02.08 Power point presentation ESA Seminar on Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights 04.02.08 World Trademark Review - The View Online 31.12.07 You can make a change! 29.06.07 About due cause and parody trade mark use 24.05.07 ISF Workshop on Enforcement of IP rights on plant varieties, Christchurch New Zealand 02.04.07 Uit de Spagaat 16.01.07 Commentary by Hidde Koenraad on decision District Court The Hague 26 October 2006: Plant Research International vs. Europe Fruit 11.12.06 Het belang van due diligence 16.10.06 Legal commentary 12.06.06 Timmer uw webshop juridisch dicht 23.04.06 Legal commentary on 01.02.06 Still waiting...cross border jurisdiction still to be clarified by the ECJ 13.01.06 Atos Origin zal gelijk krijgen 30.11.05 Pirates stopped at border 17.06.03 Commentary to CGR Committee decision dated 6 February 2003 in Eli Lilly / Janssen-Cilag 01.04.03 Is een VAR-overeenkomst een agentuurovereenkomst? 25.02.03 Comment to Dutch Supreme Court judgment dated 15 October 2002 in OM / GlaxoSmithKline (Zyban) 14.12.01 Service provider worstelt met privacy e-mailgebruiker
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